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Thursday 31 March 2011

Solusi Trade Service Utility

Kombinasi product dan sevice pada Trade Services Utility meliputi beberapa komponen berikut :

Trade Services Utility standards messages SWIFT mengembangkan XML messages (MXs) untuk mendukung Trade Services Utility solution.

Trade Services Utility application Trade Service Utility application mesin untuk cetralisasi ( matching and workflow ) yang ditawarkan dan dioperasikan oleh SWIFT

Trade Services Utility interface (optional) Trade Services Utility interface adalah produk dari SWIFT yang digunakan untuk akses manual ke dalam Trade Services Utility functionality dengan menggunakan SWIFT Browse in addition to InterAct and FileAct.

 • SWIFTNet messaging Trade Services Utility menggunakan InterAct and FileAct untuk mengirim dan menerima messages. untuk Trade Services Utility interface dapat menggunakan Browse.

• a rulebook "Rulebook" mendefinisikan peraturan antara financial institutions yang dapat dimasukkan dalam scope TSU ini.

• and vendor products and services (optional) SWIFT bekerja sama denga vendors (PT. Vensys) sebagai partner program  untuk pelaksanaan integrasi TSU solution di sebuah institusi financial.

Ready to sleep now.

good night all..  I want to sleep! hope tomorrow is sunny day because Smile tomorrow is friday. Friday is such a lovely day for me. face the day Saturday and Sunday. wish a happy weekend for all then.

Total Vidio converter 3.11

finally, I found it. I can use this temporary key to use my audio converter tool like this best one Total Vidio Converter 3.11

0ab52023-ba00347e-9fa86acd-fdc330a9-68578b7e-264b81e1-30bdfeef-cea403fa-20457e4a-39c03409-f69a9aba-388e8a94-677044c7-643fe9ac-66523c91-18a61801 8ff251a4-6e858c6c-88d83eaf-bf709222-ed00ec69-5fb35cf4-75294fd4-cef96027-8bc50c21-50a48c7c-6cd83d34-51765f2a-d987f8ec-0f130d8f-ef53a6ee-1e7a1a99

Total Vidio converter 3.11


Nslookup looping .bat

echo off




goto mulai

Setting up the feed for my blog

feed is very usefull for me, i use this feed because my web service for publishing my blog to all my social network account. Alhamdulillah i just finish configure all of this. Hopefully it will be works.

i really miss her.

today at 8 PM in the class, learning matematik diskrit. i chat with my sister best friend in US. she told me all the good memories that she had with my sister. she told me some stories, i want to write it down here, but unfortunately my history chat in yahoo messenger in my BeBe was deleted. :)

Second day with new blog hosting.

this day is my second day with my new blog hosting by blogspot but i still have no time to write more for this.. I am still waiting for free time to re-design the look of this blog ..

Wednesday 30 March 2011

fininshed set my sub domain mapping to blogspot today.

As usual, for the bloggers who have their own domain name which put a paid domain hosting. when it must renew the hosting that has expired, must look for alternatives such as hosting on blogspot. hosting on blogspot is free, and now, after a week of googling I've finished the configuration settings in hosting a subdomain to use a blogger account.

if your domain is on godaddy, you can follow these instruction for hosting in blogspot.

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