Saturday 24 December 2011

Key Idea of project initiation

The Key Ideas of project initiation which mention from Pak Romi Satria when he trained System Analysis and Design are :image

  • When do projects begin?

When someone sees an opportunity to create business value from using information technology

  • New systems usually originate from some business need
  • Understanding technology is secondary to understanding the business
  • Project is a set of activities with a starting point and ending point meant to create a system that brings value to the business
  • Feasibility analysis is used to aid in the decision of whether or not to proceed with the project
  • 1.Technical feasibility

    2.Economic feasibility

    3.Organizational feasibility

  • The project sponsor is a key person proposing the new system
  • Who should be the project sponsor?
  • The approval committee reviews many proposals
  • They decide which ones to commit to developing

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