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Wednesday 19 September 2012

SWIFTAlliance 7 Exam Simulation

It is often said that it is better to give than to receive. True enough, sharing knowledge can be as enriching and as liberating as absorbing knowledge from a book or from experiences. Knowledge is a kind of wealth that cannot be taken away from you once you have gained it.

It is ideal if i make it a point that i try to share my wealth of knowledge to other people. I can do so by making myself and allowing for some time in my to be available for others.

It does not matter what type of knowledge i am trying to impart to other people as long it can potentially help them. In the long run, it is a different fulfilment really when you are more open about sharing what i know.

SWIFTAlliance exam simulation is a tools that allow me to practise my self before taking the SWIFT exams.

All the SWIFT questions and answers have been designed in a manner, i gathered information from my colleagues who had taken the SWIFT exams previously.

SWIFTAlliance Access Exam Created by: SWIFT Consultants
- Version 1.0

Mobile View:

SWIFTNet Link Exam Created by: SWIFT Consultants
- Version 1.0

Mobile View

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  1. Where is SWIFTAlliance Access Exam Version 1.0?


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