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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Cost effective SWIFT Messaging Solution - Alliance Lite and GPSys

For the existing or new joining to SWIFT, Banks now can connect easier to SWIFT easier than ever.

If you are looking the economic way that relative costs and outcomes to send SWIFT messages.  Instead of using Alliance Access or Alliance Entry, Alliance Lite2 provides low cost access to SWIFT for customers with low volume traffic requirements.

Alliance lite is the lowest-cost, direct, secure way to connect to SWIFT. Its new cloud-based connectivity solution. Following is the brief specification for Alliance Lite: 
  • Designed for new, low-volume SWIFT customers.
  • Access Alliance Lite by using a standard Internet connection, from a standard Windows PC with a browser, and a SWIFT-issued hardware security token plugged in a USB port of the PC. 
You can learn more Alliance lite here or order Alliance lite here.
Alliance Lite demo here.

Case scenario with GPSys Light:
The Banks grow as well as its user for SWIFT application and you want to integrate third-party applications for full straight-through-processing (STP).

Bank want to have its own application of messaging interface that can support number of SWIFT users, locally save their SWIFT message history, integration with B/O application efficiently and at the economy cost.

With the optional Alliance Lite AutoClient component, customers can integrate a back-office application, to send and receive any SWIFT MT message or FileAct file, in a completely automated fashion.

GPSys light is the lowest cost SWIFT message interface and middleware for SWIFT message.

GPSys is supports manual operations to create SWIFT MTs. It will produce the SWIFT qualified format to be send with Alliance lite or to receive SWIFT message.

It also has optional functionality to enable integration with back-office applications, GPSys can role as the middleware which provides the ability to convert message data from any format to the SWIFT qualified format that SWIFTAlliance will accept.

GPSys light is generic application for SWIFT message in the market available. The Free trial is available for download and try for 1 month.

GPSys Features:

·      Work together in a secure workflow for message creation, verification, modification and approval. Features such as role profiles and multi-level approval can be customised to your organisational needs.

·      GPSys also can be the middleware to convert message data from any format to the SWIFT qualified format that Alliance Lite will accept.
·      Support archive and backup SWIFT message

Below is simple diagram Infrastructure integration GPSys with B/O applications:

Learn more in depth about GPSys here.

You can request for GPSys free trial by email to:

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