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Friday 17 June 2011

How TO Change Or Join Win 2k8 to appropirate workgroup or domain

My Friend just asked me how to change domain in Windows Server 2008 R2.

To change your server or to join it to the appropriate workgroup or domain. Click on Provide computer name and domain, as you can see the machine has a long name, lets change it to something meaningful. Under the Computer Name tab, click on the Change button, and give your computer a meaningful name.


Ok, lets start it step by step, by default it is joined to a workgroup called workgroup, if you want to change the workgroup name, write a new name, then click OK.

if you want to join it to a domain, enable the radio button  beside Domain, and then write the domain name, then click OK. For the time being I will not join it to a domain, as I want to set this server my Domain Controller future article. Once you click the OK button you will receive a message that the computer must be restarted, close the system properties page, then click on Restart Now to apply the changes.



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