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Thursday 2 August 2012

Data encryption and/or SSL setup between the SWIFT server and Alliance Workstation

I will explain regarding the connection between Alliance Access and Alliance Workstation as below :

Security between SAA servers and workstation is defined by the Remote Procedure Call Authentication (RPC) configuration.

1.     If “Off” or “Process Authentication” is selected, then the Alliance Access server do not use SSL for communication with the Alliance Workstation.
By default, RPC Configuration on SAA is “Off” or “Process Authentication” and do not use SSL.

2.    If “Data Integrity” or “Data Confidentiality” is selected, then Alliance Access initialises its process communication with SSL enabled.

If Secure Socket Layer is enabled, then the Alliance Workstation uses Server authentication based on the setting Server Authentication in Instance Configuration Window.

If Server Authentication is being used, then the Alliance workstation must know the DN of the Alliance servers and must have a corresponding CA certificate. Before the setup of the Server Authentication, the CA certificate file must be distributed to the Alliance workstations.

By default the Server Authentication check box is not selected. If you select it, then the communication with the Alliance servers uses SSL and Server Authentication. In this case, if the Alliance servers are running without SSL, an error is reported. If the authentication fails (for example, due to an expired certificate), then an authentication error message appears.

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