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Monday 15 August 2011

Facebook and others social media really can’t kill high school reunion


I cannot believe that this year, 2011, will mark my 8-year high school reunion.

I would really like to get back in touch with these people, and create friendships that I never had before. 

I haven’t seen too many people from my class in the past eight years, so in that respect, it would be nice. You only hear about those that have gotten married and/or have had kids.

This year, we break fasting together at Bumbu Desa Margo City.

Some of people believe reunion is not matter anymore, and thanks to social media.  Seems as though lots of people are now saying, "Meh, we've got Facebook, which is basically like a 24/7/365 digital high school reunion.

But I beg to differ. If you want to know the actual TRUTH about your former classmates, a reunion is a must-do.

I don't believe anyone's online identity (identity on Facebook, twitter, etc) is ever the complete truth. I ever made a fake profile on facebook about my self.

Studies have even shown people often portray themselves as happier, sexier, thinner, etc.

on Facebook and Twitter. The site has never and will never reflect reality.

More importantly, though, I can't interact with people on Facebook the same way I might over this break fasting together.

I have to actually go hang out in person for those face-to-face, potentially very fun experiences.

Thanks to all my friend that come to this event, I share the picture of this memories on facebook, and also you guys can download the pictures on this link below :







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