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Sunday 8 July 2012

Backlink builder with social monkee

Backlink is a must to get you existence in internet media. Social Monkey (Social Monkee) is a free bookmarking and backlink service that promises to build up to 25 daily backlinks to a single URL everyday.

In this Social Monkey review I will go through the bookmarking procedure, it’s effectiveness and the other options this tool offers for promoting your site effectively. Social Monkey also offers a premium account which we’ll also review and help you decide if it’s worth your time and money.

you will be able to build 300 Unique, DoFollow Backlinks to your pages (including your own pages, and pages that link to your pages) every day, for an insanely low yearly investment. That’s 12 times more backlinks than what you currently get, for a fraction of the price it should cost!
Submit 1 3 URLs to 25 100 Sites Every Day

Create up to 300 backlinks to your pages every day! Imagine being able to create 100 backlinks to every single of your pages... Imagine how many backlinks you could create in a month...
For Even Better Search Engine Rankings & Even More Traffic

Those backlinks will help your pages get indexed faster and get better search engine rankings, for more traffic, and more business. That’s exactly what your site and business need.

Get Access to Full Reports & RSS Feeds

You will also have access to full link reports and RSS feeds so you can submit them to ping services like Ping-o-Matic and get your backlinks indexed in the search engines in a snap.

Get Access to Advanced Training

You will also have access to advanced training videos so you can learn how to submit your RSS feeds and get your backlinks indexed faster, and more on the latest backlink building techniques.
Drip Feed Your Submissons Over up to 14 Days

You will also be able to drip feed your submissions by choosing the number of days over which your backlinks are created (up to 14 days) so they look natural to the search engines.

As a  Member  you will be able to submit 3 URLs to 100 sites every day. That’s a total of 300 backlinks per day! Imagine how much more power you could get, without any extra work...

We keep adding social bookmarking sites to the network almost every week, each of them with a unique domain name, and unique C-Class IP address, using different web hosts. This allows for an ever-growing source of new backlinks for your pages.

Who said backlink building is supposed to be a boring and tedious task? With SocialMonkee, it definitely isn’t! As a Premium Member your efforts will be multiplied, so you can get even more backlinks, and boost your existing backlinks even more by only spending a few extra minutes every day.

Click Here to register social monkee!

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