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Friday 27 July 2012

How to remove malware from worpress website

I visitied my website today,  i was using my safari browser with my mac. I was wondering that suddenly my Safari reported my wordpress blog was contain malware and virus script.

The first thing i did is scan my website, and find out what kind of malware that attack my site. I recommend you to use this free website scanner .

If you know that your wordpress contains the malware, the following is the tips from me to clean remove all viruses from your wordpress.

1. Use the third party entity to remove it from your site. This case is not free at all, you have to pay for this. For example you can use that service.

2. Cleaning up WordPress from malware:
  • Backup the whole WordPress database (using the Export tool and via an SQL dump)
  • Changed all passwords, unused accounts and services and cleaned up the box.
  • Re-install your wordpress
  • Reinstalled WordPress from scratch (last version), re-imported the database (after checking that it was safe) and reinstalled their theme from scratch (to make sure it was not hacked too).
  • Restore database
  • Restore your theme, it is better you rename your theme name that your are using because malware identiify your template name.

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