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Tuesday 24 July 2012

How to test SWIFT Message Standard Release 2012

How to test Standard Release 2012 (SR2012) ?

The following steps illustrate how each SWIFT member could connect to SWIFT’s SR2012 environment and test the affected message(s).
  1. login to SWIFTAlliance via SWIFTAlliance Workstation
  2. open SWIFT Interface application.
  3. perform Login using T&T Logical Terminal (LT) record.
  4. wait for LT’s status to change to “Login”.
  5. open Message Creation application.
  6. create an MT072, select “APC” in “Application” field. In “Text” tab,
    specify “FF” (Full function mode, Future) in tag field 127.
  7. process and transmit MT072.
  8. wait for SWIFT-ACK for MT072.
  9. upon receipt of SWIFT-ACK; resume SWIFT Interface application usage
  10. perform Select FIN using T&T LT.
  11. wait for LT’s status to change to “Select I/O”.
This effectively connects a member’s T&T LT record to SWIFT’s test environment that uses SR2012.
* Note :
The above steps are required because currently in SWIFT’s test environment – there exists 2 Standard Releases current/ default SR2011 and new SR2012.
The above steps is good for one use. At end of day when testing is completed and T&T LT disconnects (Quit FIN & Logout) from SWIFT connection to test environment’s SR2012 will no longer be available.
If similar testing is required subsequently, please repeat above steps.
After 17th November 2012, the above steps are not required. This is because SR2012 would have become the only & default Standard Release available in SWIFT test environment. 

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