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Sunday 25 September 2011

What’s new on Blackberry Playbook

blackberry playbook features

Aple have Ipad and Blackberry have playbook. What is new on the playbook, which one better, ipad or playbook.  In this article, I will discuss a review about playbook. I make this blackberry review after I make some reset on some review website. So,  PlayBook has got though is a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display, 16GB of internal storage, a dual-core 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM that helps the operating system zip along with little signs of breaking a sweat regardless of what you are doing.

Tipe Blackberry 

Blackberry playboo has a 3-megapixel front camera for video calling via BlackBerry Video Chat and a 5-megapixel rear facing camera that is capable of recording 720p video. You can have very good skype vidio when you do voice chat.  It’s questionable whether you would use the latter as a camera replacement, however at 7-inches you don’t feel as much of an idiot as if you do with the iPad or something larger. Still, it’s there for those moments when you need it.

Blackberry playbook

blackberry playbook features 2


BlackBerry browser, its amazing and very simple to browse website. With a real lack of apps for the moment all eyes will turn to the browser. When you surf internet,  it’s how you are going to get your email, your tweets, and many other things in the short-term. The bottom line is that the browser quick, supports Flash for that “true web experience” and tabbed browsing among other things.

We had no problem going to the website and loading up content as though we were on a desktop PC. Websites like, one of the heaviest ads sites we know, launched with little effort something that’s not possible on the iPad. While you might not be going to heavy Flash sites all the time, Flash is helpful in other places like seeing the graphs in Google Analytics, or live data in services like ChartBeat, and of course adverts on websites.

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  1. I must say that blackberry made an awesome product. I will recommend this tablet to my nephew.


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