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Friday 15 July 2011

How to Unblock Geographically Blocked sites while browsing


Sometimes, we are blocked while browsing for some websites because we are surfing the internet from indonesia. some sites restrict their visitor to block all the visitor from other countries like indonesia. Perhaps, they really think that we in indonesia is mostly a spam or fraud visitor.

I wasn't able to access some particular websites that are only available within the U.S.

I've finally been able to experience so many exciting features on thoese particular websites.

There are many way to Rome, yes it is. To view geographically blocked sites like BBC or other overseas website, you can use Strong VPN. With strong VPN, you can keep your data or any private connection you want and enjoy browsing to any sites overseas.

StrongVPN is fast and flexible.

Speed is rather fast, and the setup instructions are clear and simple. I'm very satisfied with StrongVPN so far.

Maybe you have questions why we use for VPN, I will give you some reasons as following :

- security

- you can use anonymous surfing

- be american anywhere, because while you browsing you are known as american.

- better rate for skype user, and many more.


China, Oman, Dubai, UAE, Belize ISP's block PPTP. You can always upgrade to Open VPN.

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