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Wednesday 13 July 2011

SWIFT 7 running on VMware or any other virtualization platform.

imagehello all, i just want to ask if SWIFT 7 can running well on Virtualization like vmware ? are you guys have experience on this. what is the advantage and disadvantage running SWIFT Server on vmware ?

Although virtualisation isn't officially supported by SWIFT (or wasn't last time I checked) SAG/SAA will run on VMWare server and ESX/ESXi. I use virtualised versions of them without any problems.

Well a few months ago we did ask SWIFT and the answer was neither no nor yes! officially i believe no, yet on the ground it can be!!

SWIFT states that all virtualization solutions are supported as far it the implementation is transparent. So you can very well implement SWIFT products on VMware or IBM AIX LPARs or any other known solutions in market. 

There are many existing customer in market using such virtualization solutions.

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