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Thursday 14 July 2011

Spirit back blogging with keyword tool


This day with new spirit to blog. optimizing my blog post, search high paying keyword with google external tool. its known as google keyword.. Lets get it done friends… Yahooooo!!!!

To optimize the search engine availability to your blog, you need this this keyword. Oh yeah, before I explain too far, what is keyword,  do you know what I mention about keyword, keyword is like a word that many user use to search in search engine if I’m not wrong.

There are many advantage when using keyword, you can find what is high paying keyword, if you search for keyword with google keyword tool and put it in your post content, I believe that it will attract more visitor to your blog.

Keyword are words that will be placed or repeated and called several times within an article. When search engine spiders see your words and you place several times in an article, It will determine your web page may be useful for users who search for those words.

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