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Thursday 14 July 2011

Jakarta Traffic Info is now Available on Google Maps



Good news this morning, just read it from that state that Google was already providing services for the traffic information of Jakarta City . Free info can be accessed at and the Google Maps for Mobile.

Google has worked to bring the ground transportation information is accurate and comprehensive in a global mapping platform that can be accessed easily by people of Indonesia from any device. "Says Andrew McGlinchey, Head of Product, Google Southeast Asia.

"Layer traffic to Jakarta in Google Maps is an important step in helping the Indonesian people arrange their travel time with better and easier for them to plan their trips around town and at the same time reducing the burden of traffic areas as a whole."

With 3.11 million vehicles in the streets of Jakarta each day, commuters and motorists and motorcycles can now plan their trips better in the city with the help of traffic layer in Google Maps, which provide direct information about the congestion the roads in Jakarta .

To view the traffic information within Google Maps layer switch ("Traffic"), the icon can be found at the top right of the display Google Maps. The same information is available on Google Maps for Mobile, so the rider can make changes instantly if necessary route to avoid traffic. Traffic feature also lets users see forecasts of traffic conditions at different times on certain days, and on other days in the same week based on historical data.


If the riders set their phones so that Google Maps for Mobile works, GPS enabled, and the My Location feature is enabled, it will send back the items of information to Google about how fast the device is moving. When combined with anonymous data from other devices with similar capabilities, it helps Google Maps to create a better picture of traffic conditions.

"The Ministry of Transportation was pleased that Google has added traffic information directly (real time) into Google Maps," said Dr. Elly Sinaga, Director of Urban Transport System (BSTP), Directorate General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation.

It's certainly very useful for people in Jakarta who will now have a tool that will help them plan their trips in the city more efficiently. They can use this traffic information from their computers or cell phones to avoid unexpected delays and get to the destination faster.

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