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Friday 22 April 2011

Make sure your distances with the monitor, taking care of our eyes.

These tips can hopefully be a way out for those who have very high activity in front of the monitor. If you work at a computer and focused on the monitor. If you feel dizziness or pain in the eye, you should avoid it to stay focus to the monitor or it will eventually damage your vision, here are tips on taking care of our eyes.

1. Keep your eyes on the monitor distance.

2. Use the LCD, remove the CRT

3. Setting the monitor

4. Use anti-radiation glasses

5. Rest your eyes periodically
Next easiest way that we can do is rest our eyes on a regular basis, so do not keep focused on the job in front of the monitor, at least take five to ten minutes to do the rest of the eye. Not just break it, you can perform activities with eye refresher see around us or can be done also with washing our face so that we feel refreshed.

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