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Thursday 28 April 2011

New Feature Database Recovery on SWIFTAlliance 7

I just read the document of SWIFTAlliance 7 and I found this new feature on the document. In SAA V.7, the customer can activate the database recovery licence option to increase the system resiliency, covering the situation where a major incident results in the unavailability of the primary Alliance Access database. Once activated and configured, customers can use database recovery to resume operations on a backup Alliance Access system. When the mirror and backup disks are fully available, this results in no data loss.
The recovery relies on the database backups and transactions archives that Alliance Access automatically maintains. The customer invokes a database recovery command to restore the database content on a backup Alliance Access system up to the exact state prior to the incident.

Two recovery models exist:

Full recovery
This model covers a local database loss. The full data from the mirror disk and backup disk is available. The restored system is up to date, there is no loss of data.

Partial recovery
This model supports a remote disaster site recovery. Some data on the mirror/backup disk is missing. This is usually due to asynchronous copy of these disks. In this case, recovery is possible up to the last committed transaction. A repair service exists to ensure a consistent recovery of the database.

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