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Monday 2 May 2011

is the social network a good movie or is it a waste of my time watching it ??

Truth is say it to their face instead of on a shit social network for everyone to see.

Facebook' to me is useless, waste of time, energy and resources! You made friends yesterday, today they're out' You had a friend last nite, this morming you're removed! To me, it's never a social network cos some have taken it too personal" it's for fun.

facebook berryFACEBOOK: A Single Network Is FB the social network? "Yes!" Everyone gotta say like this So, I think it's not! FB is a single network. FB is a fake community. FB make u'll be alone in front of a monitor or hold your BlackBerry all the time. FB fading people around u. FB waste a lots of ur value time.

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