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Sunday 29 May 2011

Upload Local wordpress ke database online

I want to share steps to upload your local wordpress to online domain.

After you testing your wordpress on your local computer, maybe you want to publish your local website to internet. If you already test all your local wordpress, to put your data and configuration to internet, you just follow this steps :

  1. 1. Edit file wp-config.php,
  2. Export database from your local website,
  3. Import database to server online,
  4. Upload WordPress files,
  5. Edit table database for URL address
  6. Mengedit Database MySQL di Server Online

The last step is very important step to set your website correctly on the internet. on your local url is default set to ‘http://localhost/wordpress’ , however you domain is different from you local domain. you open phpMyAdmin from your website Control Panel, click your database name and select table wp_option (prefix with wp_)

1. Edit enty  “siteurl” in the column “option_name”. click edit to edit the data. Change ‘option_val’ with your website address

2. Edit entry  “Home” on the same column and table with your website address.

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